The village of Sivas

Sivas is a homonym village and municipal district of Faistos in Pyrgiotissa the southwestern edge of the plain of Messara , at an altitude of 110 meters. The people involved in agriculture ( olive growing ) and tourism.. The distance from Heraklion is 62 km. Within the village is the sacred temple of St . John the Baptist and the chapels of St.Nikolas,St. Marinas , St. Spiridon, Prophet Elias and St. George. There is kindergarten , primary school , regional office.
Sivas is the birthplace of the famous writer and social fighter Themos Kornaros. The active Cultural Association of the village bears the name of the author.
Near the village lies the Monastery Panagia Odigitria.


The main characteristic of our village, the warm hospitality.